of HAMILTON COUNTY, FLORIDA

John Lee of Hamilton County, Florida, was the progenitor of a large and prosperous family. His descendants today are in the thousands. There is much documentation of his mid years, but his early years are unclear. It is possible that Sherman's march to the sea, courthouse or home fires may have destroyed important papers, or they may be buried in some archive, or old trunk, waiting to be discovered.

John Lee's 17 children and many grandchildren  married into many  families of Hamilton County, and spread to all parts of the state. Some of the related families are: Cason, Cheshire, Cone, Hightower, Hogans, Hunter, Johns, Jones, McDonald, McLeod, Pennington, Roberts,  Smith, and Walls.

I have written this website to help Lee and other family researcher's with this particular branch of the Lee family.  There is a lot of misinformation out there. There were MANY John Lees, and it is very easy to get them all mixed up and really pass on bad information. One of the biggest helps and problems is the internet itself. As we all know from various hoaxes that appear from time to time, it is very easy to pass along and perpetuate bad information. I fear that much of this misinformation has been passed along through the large sites that allow you to post your own family tree. They do say that there is no verification, but sometimes.....we think "if it's the printed must be true", but it isn't, and we won't or can't take the time to confirm the information or haven't the resources.

Information on John Lee was collected by William Edgar Griffis, a grandson of John Lee, and his daughter, Katherine Griffis Van Hoose, of  Tallahasse, and by Charles S. Lee, a great grandson of John Lee, and his daughter, Thelma Lee Clonts of Oviedo. (Thank you, Thelma !) There are also interviews with two great great grandsons, John Levi Lee, Sr. and Claude C. Jones. Among others, I have used these resources, standard genealogy reference books plus official documents:

    Camden County, GA, Deed Book A, Wills and Appraisements
    Camden County, Superior Court, Vol. L
    Florida Department of Military Affairs. Florida militia muster rolls. Seminole Indian Wars
    Hamilton County, Deed Book A
    Hamilton County, Florida marriage records
    State of Florida. Florida Pioneer: Levi Luther Lee
    State of Florida. Florida Pioneer: Benjamin Franklin Moody
    Suwanee County, Florida marriage records.
    Telfair County, Georgia marriage records.
    Undertaker's list of Confederate dead in Bethel Cemetery, Knoxville, TN
    US Bureau of Land Management
    US Federal Census, Camden Co., GA 1810,1820
    US Federal Census, Hamilton Co., FL 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870
    US Department of Military Affairs. Confederate States of America muster rolls.

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    Wiley Lee Family Bible (owned by Thelma Lee Clonts)
    Edward M. Lee Family Bible
    Moody Family Bible (owned by James Moody)
   James H McDonald Family Bible (owned by John Randall McDoanld)new

If you can fill in any holes, particularly with documented information, please email me. I hope to provide accurate information, as far as what can be discovered. I am sure there are other Lee family Bibles out there, and pictures of many of these ancestors. (working on this)

If you return to this site, be sure to use your refresh or reload button, as this site will be changing as I add new information and correct any errors that are discovered.

I have tried to identify information that is documented, and to provide notes (in parenthesis) or comments for information that is questionable or not proven.  That being said, here is my history of John Lee, my gggg-grandfather.
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